Healing through an Emotion with the Archangels

can be very intense when one has to work through a feeling or emotion
that is uncomfortable. Often times, the feeling may begin to rise up,
but because it doesn’t feel “good”, it gets shoved back down and
distractions take over. You may also be experiencing feelings you’ve
never, ever had before. Either way, the next time a feeling or emotion
begins to rise, I invite you to grab a cup of soothing herbal tea, stop
to observe, and then follow these action steps below.

Embracing the dark with the light

Light and Dark.  Spirit and Shadow.  We are all made of both.  We all have come to learn lessons.  Many come for a healing session thinking it’ll change their life, miraculously, like its magic.  And when nothing changes, or things get worse, they feel it didn’t work.   The magic, though, is in the consistent development and continually doing the work.  It is part of a path on a journey.  Sometimes it will get worse before it gets better to awaken your awareness.  You can only understand and expand your knowingness as you “stretch” yourself,  to allow you to go deeper and deeper.  

If this is a journey you are on in this lifetime, give yourself grace.  Do the best you can to do the work daily. That might mean 5 minutes a day, or only 2 times a week, or scheduling a healing session once a month.  The pace will be up to you. The decision is yours.  As you navigate this journey you will come to a point where you think what the heck, i thought this was working, but why is all of “this” still coming up, or coming up again!  I want to remind you that it IS working, and what is unraveling is more darkness so you can go deeper.  How do we expand, to go higher?  By understanding that we need to go deeper and by going deeper, we expand and increase our vibration, aka going higher.  As you go deeper, remember this is an experience you are going through and there is a lesson in it.  Going deeper sometimes is very mucky and uncomfortable.  Be gentle with yourself ( and others if they are involved).  Ask for the negativity that you might be feeling to be “cancelled” and any past memories resurfacing to be cleared and deleted.  Don’t hang on to anything that is feeling heavy and weighing you down.  Give yourself the gift of handing over the fear and doubt to the universe by writing a letter of release to whatever is causing you to feel this heaviness.  “dear fear”, “dear doubt”, and in that letter thank it for the lessons you have learned.  Then, burn and release, or dig it into the ground with the intention it will be transmuted by the Universe for healing.  RELEASE!   Open your mind to the understanding that this challenge will be lifted from you.  

What, then, is the Miracle?  The true Miracle that will occur will be a change in perception, and an expansion of mindset.  You will begin to become aware of the negative thoughts that enter your mind, and will remind yourself to “cancel, clear, delete” and remember you can go higher in your perception and potential. This expansion gives you the opportunity to go higher, and go deeper.  In this, you can see beauty in all that you’ve gone through up to this point, and understand where there is darkness there is always light, and the only way to see the beauty is by allowing the darkness within you to truly rise up and be brought to light to be embraced, blessed and loved. 

Affirmation: As you look inward, may you see the light that shines in you so you may look outward and see the light that shines in others.


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