What is Inner Emotional Healing

What is Inner Emotional Healing?

Most of us have karmic contracts with others in order to heal old past life wounds as a way for our soul to grow and evolve.

We, as a humanity, are going through a deep metamorphosis, like a snake who sheds his skin. So, it stands to reason that we are purging and transmuting energies, feelings, perceptions and situations from the past that are no longer valid for us.

We are in a time in our planet’s history where old pain, wounds, and suffering are being released. And, energies of acceptance, healing and integration is what our soul is moving towards in order for us to realign with our Higher Truth. We are, with the help of those Healers of the Highest Vibration of Light, creating a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual dimensions in order to clear the psychic debris, come up with creative solutions, unite opposites and return to a state of wholeness. 

We are healing old memories, from this and previous incarnations. We are learning to listen to our intuition and inner guidance as we move forward in our lives. We are more connected to our ancestral and spiritual roots. We are becoming more connected to our Higher Soul Self.

It is a time of Inner Emotional Healing. It is a part of our soul’s journey to wholeness. So, allow the inner transformation to take place. It is an important part of your evolution and growth.

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