Welcome to Living 5D In A 3D World
Where Consciousness, Connections and Community come together.

At Living 5D In A 3D World, we believe in the power of expanding consciousness as a vital path to personal growth and a deeper relationship with Universal Energy. Our mission is to guide individuals on their journey of awakening to the spiritual and metaphysical realities of life.

We understand that the spiritual journey can sometimes be overwhelming and require guidance from experienced mentors and healers. That’s why we have created Living5d3d.com, a platform where you can access a network of trusted spiritual readers and healers. Our aim is to further assist you in your learning and growth, providing the resources and support you need along the way.

Join us in this transformative journey, as we embrace the profound shifts in consciousness, foster meaningful connections, and cultivate a vibrant community dedicated to living 5D In A 3D World. Together, we can navigate the complexities of life, tap into our limitless potential, and co-create a reality aligned with our truest selves.

Welcome to Living 5D In A 3D World – where consciousness, connections, and community flourish.

Consciously Caffeinated

Each fortnight, Kerri brings to the table a new topic of interest or relevance where there’s teaching, sharing of ideas and lots of off topic conversation. The group has evolved into something beyond my intention where love and support both energetically and physically have been embraced by all!