Lockdown Highs and Lows! The Shadow!

Lockdown Highs and Lows! By Lulu

It’s been a huge topic in the spiritual world, more so now than ever! Yes we all have a shadow self that sometimes needs to be visited, healed or given some recognition! The last few years with lockdown, covid, disaster,mayhem, conspiracy, fear, whatever you choose to call it, has actually forcedpeople into their shadow self! For some this has caused extreme anxiety, frustrations, anger and low vibrations. Many have spent their lives avoiding the shadow self, so this is against habits, personalities and coping skills. For many the unknown can be frightening, the forced control can feel like you’ve lost control , the rise in vibrations of the world can be felt as a negative experience, the division and judgement can feel like you are always on guard and ready to head into war.

For those who have worked in the light this has been felt instantly from
the beginning, Those who understand or feel energy like myself, you know how heavy this is, how dense it become! It’s good to understand from this level as many are still just learning! Those who work with light also recognise and accept the shadow. They do not fear doing shadow work for they know within it there is a great wisdom to gain strength and change. The world is being blessed right now even through shifts and shackles, clouds and chaos, judgements and knowledge, love and war. Light is a way out of darkness and the truth is there is so much light shining upon us, through us, towards us.

Through the last years, many have become exhausted, drained, fed up,
confused, fearful, angry, unmotivated, anxious, depressed etc! Mental health has risen tremendously and it is now more than ever that we need to activate our light to help guide them out of the shadows. These feelings, the shadow ones, weigh you down, put a cloud over your head! Yes I know
the light is still there but it’s like a glimpse of sunshine on a rainy day and
waking up to realise the rain is still here!

These are also times when those who have previously forced their way out
of the shadows have sight of the light. The world needs more and more warriors of light right now! No matter who or how you share that, you are needed! If it’s to bring a smile, to calm a fear, to give hope in times of despair, or anything that brings attention to the love of the world. I feel blessed to live in a time when so many are bringing this light out
into the open. I myself have been guided by the many who now express from a higher vibration. The glimpse of sunshine you share is much needed for all!

Now whilst this Light is my focus, I’ve also noticed a sudden rise of Warriors of Light that are not bringing sunshine!
They are bringing more conflict, harshly judging a person’s choices, adding
fear to one who may already be dealing with chronic fear, pushing beliefs,
preaching, planting seeds of anxiety, teaching anyone who listens we live in a
world that’s doomed! Are these people light warriors? Or just warriors? I’m not judging trust me, I am just expressing what I have needed to work through myself so as not to judge! We must all, Be our own truth! We must all trust in the intuition of our hearts!

We must all accept everyone’s personal choices, understanding that we may
have different beliefs, different needs, different struggles, different shadows! Yes we also need awareness, but this is only when one is ready to learn! People choose when they wish to dig deeper, find answers!
People learn to do what they need at a given time that supports their own
growth right now!

We should all break these barriers right now and work together no matter
what belief or action one has! We should all be helping others out from their
shadows and in turn receive the help out of our own!

How do we do that during low vibration situations? We raise our Vibe,
that’s how! I don’t have all the answers, never have & never will! I just learn, I just choose for me, I just accept that limited beliefs can sometimes block, I just decide on self care, self work, and that I am not right, I am not wrong, I am just me, in the light or in the shadow!

Everyone has a shadow self, so let’s see through our own, choose to shine outwardly, more love, compassion, light, acceptance and understanding even if it’s not our way!

That shadow you may be feeling right now may feel powerful, heavy, it might
suck, but it’s not stronger than your inner light! Just move on down a little
deeper and search for that glimpse of light and like the picture,
watch the shadow transform! Turn the pussycat into a lion and let it roar! You have power in the shadow trust me! You do not have any outside influences that can control your shadow! It is yours and you can choose to befriend it.
Bring sunshine to your shadow today in any small way you can. A smile can ignite your light, saying hello to a stranger may prove you are not alone, breathing in the fresh air can allow you to feel alive, a funny video may turn sad tears to laughter, looking at loved ones or memories can bring you back to the present moment. Believe in you! Believe in your power! Find your Roar and choose to soar!


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