About Us And Contact

Living 5D In A 3D World was started as a Facebook Group in 2020 as a means to share and assist others on their journey of awakening to the Spiritual and Metaphysical reality of life. We have since grown massively and now have over 200,000 Facebook Members who are active and vital contributors to discussions and posts! During this time, we have received many messages and queries in relation to workshops and courses as well as recommendations for Spiritual Readers and Healers. Thus, Living5d3d.com was created to further assist people to learn and grow as well as access Spiritual Mentors and Healers.

Founded by Kerri and David Campbell, Living 5D In A 3D World is a labor of love. Passionate about encouraging the raising of consciousness, connecting with like-minded people and sharing wisdom from both experience and intuition, Kerri and David are very grateful for the opportunity to expand the opportunities for others to learn and grow.

David, following the Shamanic Path, has had over 20 years of business experience working within the field of Spirituality as a Spiritual Mentor and Healer delivering one-on-one consultations, group work and large presentations. He is also extensively skilled in website development and maintenance and has managed large and small sites. Kerri, a qualified teacher, has studied extensively in a number of fields of metaphysics, spirituality and psychic development. She is also a skilled social off and online networker, creating and maintaining a huge network of connected people, businesses and services.

At the core of our operation are the three cornerstones of: Consciousness, Connections and Community.

Consciousness is at the very soul of what we do – the expansion of consciousness is vital for an individuals personal growth and their personal relationship with Universal Energy.

Connections is the heart of our enterprise – to fully connect openly and with the willingness to be open minded with not only each other but in our connections with Spirit, Creator or Source. Our greatest growth often only happens when we are at our most vulnerable emotional state, thus, our aim is to create safe spaces for people to connect away from the 3D World Consciousness.

Community is the body of our services – like-minded people coming together to share, learn and grow together towards achieving a 5D Consciousness in this 3D World.

Please feel free to contact us at admin@living5d3d.com for any queries or assistance. Alternatively, contact us by using the form below: