Written By Kerri Campbell

In the current state of the world ATM, we are bombarded with lots of different energies! From the negative to the positive, they influence us! So what are positive and negative energies?

As mentioned before, we all give off an invisible energy, but the type of energy we give off depends on our emotions. When we give off negative energies, we are lowering the vibration at which these energies emit. Our physical body reacts in various ways such as fatigue, heaviness, alerted, illness or physical pain. When our energies vibrate high, our body is positive, active, light, energised and healthy!

So what do low energies feel like?

βž–All negative (low) energies are based on FEAR such as anxiety, depression, sadness, embarrassment, confusion, disgust, stress, lost, lonely, shocked, determination, frustration, worry, irritated, shattered, anger, overwhelmed, numb, jealous, apprehensive etc

βž•All positive (high) energies are based on LOVE ❀️ such as happiness, gratefulness, empathy, peace, calm, surprised, empowered, bliss, adoration, excitement, determined, relaxed, joyful, nostalgic, confident, inspired, proud, contentment, empowered etc

When we are conscious of the energies that we emit everyday, we live in that reality. So if you spend most of your days focusing on negative energies, your life won’t make you happy. If you focus on positive energies starting with being thankful, your life will be happier and if there are negative things happening to you, you don’t get as fully engrossed in them.

It’s the same for who you have in your life! LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! So if you focus on negative energies, you will attract others who are vibrating low like yourself. You will also attract a lot of drama and conflict. People who vibrate higher won’t be attracted to you as their boundaries are strong! People who have high vibrations will attract others who vibrate at that same frequency! There is more peace, love and compassion in their relationships and generally conflict free and easy.

So my question for you; What are you mostly vibrating at- Negative or positive energy?

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