Healing through an Emotion with the Archangels

can be very intense when one has to work through a feeling or emotion
that is uncomfortable. Often times, the feeling may begin to rise up,
but because it doesn’t feel “good”, it gets shoved back down and
distractions take over. You may also be experiencing feelings you’ve
never, ever had before. Either way, the next time a feeling or emotion
begins to rise, I invite you to grab a cup of soothing herbal tea, stop
to observe, and then follow these action steps below.

Write down what the feeling or emotion that is surfacing is about.
Maybe you have many. Write them all down. Make a circle and write them
all in the circle, and notice which ones take up more space. What ever
“writing” takes up more space physically on the paper is what is
energetically taking up more space in your being. Ask Archangel Haniel
to help you to see/feel what it is you need to feel. She is the
Archangel that helps us with the moon cycles, and the feminine or
emotional part of us.

Now notice the biggest one (do one at a time), and see if you’ve had
the feeling before. Notice how you may have handled it. Where can you
improve. How can you react more peacefully for yourself. Where can you
offer more love. Let’s take an example :
are going through a divorce and for the first time you are feeling fear
you’ve never even noticed you had inside of you. Instead of getting
fearful of the fear that is rising up, stop. Observe. Why are you
fearful? Let’s say the answer is fear of being on your own, with no one
to rely on. Now notice where in the body you are feeling it. Let’s say
your throat feels scratchy. Now take a minute to think about where you
have held back in your relationship from speaking your truth. Where,
conversely, have you felt comfortable to speak up. Where do you need to
create stronger boundaries. Write all of this down underneath the
circle. Ask Archangel Michael for the strength and courage to do this
part. Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you communicate it to yourself.

– Now, take a minute to review all you have written, and receive it
into your being. Be a witness of what you’ve just written down. Can you
see it from another perspective. Can you see something you possibly
haven’t seen about it before. Don’t try to force it. Let this process
take some time, days even. Maybe, you realize your fear was in fact
coming from a feeling that you would be rejected, so you rarely spoke
your truth, when in fact you were rejected BECAUSE you didn’t speak
honestly and hid your true self from your spouse. Call in the Archangel
Jeremiel to help you in doing this review, and to help you to resolve or
change any unbalance for healing.

– Honor the feelings, and allow them to fully rise up, up, up. Once
they truly come up, they offer so much opportunity for transmutation,
and healing. Offer them gratitude for showing up for you. It is at this
point that you have begun the process of healing and are opening
yourself up to see a newer perspective. The Archangel Raphael can
support you in this new approach to a healthier way of being kind to
yourself in the healing process.

Now, more than ever, it is important to understand that we are all in
need of feeling our emotions, feelings, behaviors and thoughts in order
to understand on a deeper level why they are showing up. You’ve got this
and you’ll be so happy you started this journey to healing.
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