The Energy of Change

Let’s focus on the idea of “Change” and what that means.

Most people, when faced with change, become anxious or fearful as this often brings in the energy of the unknown. It brings with it a sense of uncertainty for the future and what that future will hold for us. 

Change is about movement, and shifts us out of stagnation or the status quo. Our lives are about constant change as nothing can ever stay the same for very long. If it did, we would cease to grow and evolve as a soul. We would not evolve through the lessons our soul chose to experience in this lifetime. 

Change is necessary for our transformation, growth and healing. it is necessary for our spiritual development. it is necessary for our enlightenment. 

Some effects of moving through the uncertainty of change are: 

Developing Higher Awareness
Rising into Higher Spiritual Consciousness
Opening to Higher Spiritual Truths
Embracing the Mysteries of the Universe
Healing and Transcending Old Patterns
Shedding Illusions and Discovering Your True Self
Being Open to Opportunities for Rebirth

Remember, that change can be exciting and lead us to new adventures and down new paths. It can show us the Abundant Possibilities that await us if we free ourselves from the old and allow redirection into the new! Blessings of Love, Light and Change to All of You!

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