Listening to the Stories of Your Body

Finally, you have two seconds to yourself… laying on the couch, there is the hustle and bustle around you, and thinking “at least no one needs my attention right now”. Or you could be in the lunch room slouching in your chair looking for a bit of an escape before you get back into your responsibilities. Or you could finally be in bed, just surfing around and stumbled upon this article.

Wherever you are, I want to challenge you for a moment to just check in with your physical self. Is your jaw clenched? Is your back sore? If you scrunched up your toes, and release, are you taking notice how tight they have always been?

If you are like me, I see the physical body like vehicle that carries us in this 3D world. A complex vehicle that sends out an alert or buzzer when something is out of balance or not functioning well. We all come into this life with different vehicles with different capabilities, however what is same between all of us, is the energy and soul that is connected to them. For example, in the Traditional Chinese system, there is a recognition of meridians, which most of them are named after our organs. Even though I have had my gallbladder removed, I still carry its energetic essence. Thus, if there was trauma related to the gallbladder, my physical body can still be holding that pain and it’s looking at the energetic body and mind that will allow me to let this pain go.

So to take this lesson of my gallbladder a layer deeper – why did the gallbladder physically get so sick? Poor diet? Most likely, though as I say to people – whilst poor diet probably lead to the results, 1) not everyone gets this issue (some can take longer to develop, others slower, and some none at all) and 2) What else was happening in my life for me to make the choices that led to the outcome in the first place?

It is within the latter question where the story of our bodies can be seen. Bring it back to that back pain, leg pain or tension in your jaw – lifestyle contributes to these physical ailments, however, so does the stress that people can hold onto, and the choices being consciously or subconsciously made to treat ourselves the way we do. Think of all the mystery bruising you can get on your shins, I say that is when you are pushing yourself so hard, you are literally “knocking yourself about”. Take a moment to breath.

If you also believe “everything happens for a reason”, then you also probably know that some unavoidable and unexpected injuries are here to teach us too. At these times, we could sit there being angry and bitter at what “the world did to me” … though does that serve you? For your mental health and energy, does that help you or anyone in a positive manner? The stress and anguish you may be under could actually be making your situation/discomfort worse.

In saying all this, I also know people who were born to have unavoidable pain in this life. I wish that upon no one. The mindset these people must overcome their pain and stay positive is phenomenal. Some of life’s lessons can get them quite hard, and each time they push through. These people I find inspirational, as I could not imagine a day in their life. End of the day, that is their path in this life, and we can only offer support where we can (as for some people, asking for help is a great step outside of their comfort zones! My hat is off to you.)

You are reading this article for a reason, what that means to you is personal to you. What I am here to let you know, is that you may want to listen to your body. We still have our 3D existence and as we grow into our 5D selves, being more conscious of our physical bodies can assist bringing attention to our lessons that we may have missed and need a reminder to gently see. Treat yourself with the love, kindness and care you deserve, because simply, you are worth it.

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