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For over 20 years I have been an intuitive reader, life coach, astrologer, numerologist, Reiki Master and spiritual teacher. I am also certified in hypnosis, past life regression and Ho’oponopono Healing which is a Hawaiian Huna Healing technique.



Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian healing technique that assists in clearing karma surrounding a person, situation, event, or emotional pattern. It works by clearing away Aka cords, or energy cords, that connect the individual to the past energy, situation or karma in question. 

Ho’oponopono restores self-love, balance, spiritual alignment and brings in the energy of forgiveness. It helps us to thank our past challenges for the lessons that they have provided our soul. 

You may be familiar with how Ho’oponopono is described in many articles and sites. It speaks of using the following phrase as a mantra for healing: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

However, the method of Ho’oponopono Healing that I am offering goes much deeper than that. I learned it when I attended the Institute of Transformational Hypnotherapy to become certified in hypnosis and past life regression. It is a powerful process that takes about an hour to experience.

The practice of Ho’oponopono involves the Physical Self (the Uhane), Emotional Self (the Unihipili) and Spiritual Self (the Aumakua), along with the energy of the Divine Creator. This is a very deep spiritual cleansing and healing method that is powerful and profound.

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