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Introducing Shawna, a Board-Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (HTCP) and Qigong Practitioner hailing from the beautiful eastern province of Nova Scotia, Canada. With roots tracing back to Scotland, Ireland, and England, Shawna’s Eastern Canadian accent adds a unique charm to her healing sessions.

Shawna’s journey into the world of energy therapy began in 2007 when her own children inspired her to explore natural healing modalities. With their innate sensitivity and intuitive gifts mirroring her own, she delved into the study of energy medicine to provide them with holistic care.

Being certified by the Healing Touch Governing Committee as a Board Certified Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP), Shawna has met the rigorous requirements and qualifications in her field. Her expertise is further validated by holding an NCCA Accredited Credential and being associated with the Healing Touch Program (HTP), an accredited provider of continuing nursing education.

Renewing her qualifications as an Instructor’s Helper in the classroom for Levels 1 through 5, Shawna’s dedication to her craft shines through. Her professional goal is to empower individuals to activate their body’s innate self-healing abilities and foster overall health and wellness.

One of Shawna’s specialties is Distant Healing, allowing clients from all corners of the globe to experience the benefits of her healing sessions from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you seek physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, Shawna’s compassionate approach and extensive knowledge make her a trusted guide on your path to well-being.

To embark on a transformative journey of self-healing and explore the wonders of energy therapy, book an appointment with Shawna today and experience the profound effects it can have on your life. Let her nurturing touch and intuitive gifts create a harmonious balance within you.




Experience a transformative healing journey with Shawna, a skilled energy therapist who utilizes a variety of powerful techniques to bring balance and wellness to your entire being.

Through her connection with Spirit, Shawna calls upon Angels, Guides, and Fae Energy to support her clients in their healing process. She also works with Elementals and taps into Earth Energy to enhance the healing session. Shawna’s intuitive abilities allow her to see, hear, and feel all things energy, providing a profound understanding of your energetic needs.

Embark on your healing journey by exploring the benefits of energy therapy. Shawna will guide you through an understanding of how energy medicine can positively impact your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Together, you will identify your health goals, whether they involve immediate pain relief or long-term aspirations like improving sleep quality.

To start the session, Shawna will conduct a brief energetic assessment of your biofield, focusing on your Chakras. Using her hands and a pendulum, she will gain valuable insights into your energetic imbalances, which will guide the healing process.

With your consent, Shawna will establish an energetic connection with you, initiating the healing session. You have the freedom to choose whether you’d like to be seated or lying down, with your eyes open or closed. If desired, soft music can be played to enhance your comfort during the session. Shawna respects your preferences and ensures a personalized experience.

During the session, Shawna utilizes the power of Healing Touch Energy Therapy to address various aspects of your well-being. Whether you seek relief from anxiety, stress, or worry, or desire increased calmness, confidence, pain relief, improved sleep, heightened energy levels, or enhanced mental clarity, Healing Touch can provide the support you need.

With Shawna’s expertise and intuitive guidance, the possibilities for healing are limitless. You have full control of your healing journey, empowering you to take charge of your well-being.

Are you ready to tap into your immense potential? Take the first step toward healing by scheduling a session with Shawna today. Embrace the power of energy therapy and unlock a world of well-being and vitality.

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15 reviews for Shawna – Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)

  1. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Shawna has helped not only myself, but also my dogs, immensely! It doesn’t seem to matter what ails me, Shawna always has a technique that will help improve it. From muscle pain to negative energy, she always makes me feel better. I’m still amazed at how she is able to do this without being near me! It seemed crazy to me at first but now I know she will fix me no matter what the problem is. She also has a very calming energy and is very pleasant to talk to. Highly recommend her!! 
    -Michelle, CANADA

  2. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Shawna Thank You so much for the amazing healing work you so graciously provided me with.. I thank you for your authenticity and genuine care. I will absolutely recommend your vibrant healing abilities/gifts to all who has aligned to your page, if you were looking for confirmation.
    – — Clievette G.  PUERTO RICO

  3. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    I received a great Healing Touch energy session from Shawna Wood Coleman! This was done remotely via Google Meet and I had no idea what to expect. It was wonderfully different than any healing that I have gotten before in the past. She did a thorough intake, asking pertinent questions, scanned my energy field and then began the healing. Occasionally she would direct me to breathe or energetically release when she was in a particular area. After the session was over I felt lighter and refreshed! I was able to move through the rest of my day, and week, feeling more energized, uplifted emotionally and empowered! Thank you so much Shawna!
    – Colleen L. USA

  4. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    I have received many distant (from Australia) healing sessions with Shawna and felt my body open more and more with each session. Shawna knows exactly where the pinpoints are in my body, supports me throughout the entire healing process and doesn’t leave me until I feel complete. Shawna practices with much care, compassion and love. Shawna is one of the most genuine down to earth loving souls on this planet and I highly recommend energy therapy sessions with her!!
    – Ludamila Jin AUSTRALIA

  5. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Thank you so much for an amaaazing healing experience! I could really feel the energy flowing so smoothly during the session (in spite of it being a distant session) and aligning the chakras. The way you read the aura and its colors is commendable. Your own energy is also so soft and soothing. Receiving messages from the spirit guides was a very pleasant validation for me. I would highly recommend Healing Touch Therapy with Shawna to all. Keep touching lives with your love and warmth! 💜💙💚 — feeling grateful
    – Pragati S. INDIA

  6. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Shawna, I’m so grateful for your ability to ground my energies. I always feel calmer and more connected after one of our distance appointments. I highly recommend Shawna’s open-minded and compassionate approach to healing. She’s dedicated to tailoring each session to what’s needed in that moment and for the situation that’s weighing on you. You’re in good (virtual and eventual in-person) hands with Shawna.
    – Tanya M. CANADA

  7. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Thank you Shawna from Healing Touch 💜 Your energetic healing is personal, organized, you ask permission in every step, have an amazing healing and chakra feedback afterwards, and include a healing goal-homework. The service you provide are superb. Your intuition and energetic healing level is unbelievable. Your energy while healing is gentle, high vibrational, and targeted. Your body and energetic sensing is highly opened and in tuned. I highly recommend your Healing Touch Therapies and only trust yours. After every session, I feel renewed and expanded, my chakras are stronger and energy flow better in the body. You also include a blessing (cards) on each part or chakra being worked on. Truly an awesome complete energetic healing service. I thank you for your services and healings. Many Divine Blessings to You Always.
    -Melissa T. USA

  8. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    I have had several sessions over the last few years with Shawna. Each session afterward I feel so relaxed and reconnected with my body. She has even helped my bunnies! As a fellow practitioner in a different field, I highly recommend her, as she takes great care in working with her client’s needs. Healing Touch is such a wonderful technique and Shawna is incredibly gifted.
    – Tamara K. B. CANADA

  9. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Shawna was very easy to talk to and was very thorough in understanding my history and what issues I wanted to work on. She helped me with some childhood issues I didn’t even realize I needed to work on. The session was very relaxing and in spite of the fact that it was virtual, was quite effective. I appreciate the follow up email with notes about the session and the follow up suggestions she had made (some of which I had forgotten in my post-healing session relaxed state of mind).
    – Carla E. USA

  10. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    “Shawna is an Earth Angel! I have received both distance and in-person Healing Touch Therapy from Shawna, owner of Energy Therapy with Shawna, and I can’t say enough about what a blessing it is to have this beautiful gem on the earth. Shawna has provided me with so much clarity and insight on my own healing journey – clearing away stuck energy and knowing exactly what is required to assist with my healing process. She is deeply connected, professional, gentle, and caring. Shawna provides the healing balm for mind, body and soul. Thank you, Shawna!”
    – Tamara H. CANADA

  11. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    I really can’t thank you enough. Something in me really shifted and I feel so grounded and sure of myself again. I will be sure to reach out and connect with you. You have such a beautiful and profound gift. I am very blessed to have crossed paths with you.
    – Nuala O.K. CANADA

  12. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Raschell Harlingten recommends Shawna Wood Coleman, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)
    June 28 at 2:41 PM ·
    I had the pleasure of exchanging modalities with Shawna recently and I was delighted to experience her Energy Therapy. The session was amazing I felt light and tingly and Shawna was so supportive and kind. I actually felt a lot shift about a week later which I know sometimes can happen . I would definitely recommend experiencing one of these sessions and really feel the new energy from mother earth and the universe replenish you in so many ways.

  13. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Connie Hayes Villeneuve recommends Shawna Wood Coleman, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)
    April 27, 2023 (orig. review left on FB)
    Shawna is a gifted soul, a true empath who shares her healing touch. Her intuition is remarkable and hands are her strongest gift.
    Little about my continuing journey to heal and be the best person I can be:
    It’s amazing I feel lighter, clearer, energized and grounded for the first time in a few years. My journey has not been a light one, however this therapy has helped me in ways that no other therapy has! My first session was to released my grief, and aline my charka, to set me onto the path I need to be on. She has tought me how to keep myself in alignment and remove the negative energies that hinder my well being. How to still be able to help others and not carry there pain with me. My second session proved I was doing the work and my alignment was no longer broken! We worked on my pain, my confusion, and emotional baggage I’ve carried for too long. I feel almost brand new! The only way I can describe it is lighter, with a bright white light within me is energizing. We are clearing believe systems that no longer are require…trauma be gone!
    Thank you Shawna you truly are an angel sent from up above!

  14. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Amber H. (Orig. left Review on Shawna Wood Coleman’s Google Business page, a month ago)

    Service Received: Restoring Balance and Inner Harmony: A Transformative Energy Healing Experience

    I recently had the opportunity to explore the world of energy healing and engage in an aura and chakra cleansing session. I would like to share my experience and the positive impact it had on my overall well-being.

    Shawna is a skilled energy healer who possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in energy healing techniques, her compassionate and calming demeanor immediately put me at ease. Her ability to create a safe and welcoming environment only enhanced the process.

    Shawna used various techniques such as sweeping motions and visualization to remove stagnant energy from my aura. I felt a cool soothing sensation as the negative energy dissipated, replaced by a renewed sense of vitality and clarity. The session left me feeling lighter, more balanced, and deeply relaxed.

    Shawna also focused on chakra balancing, which involved identifying and addressing any imbalances in my energy centers. Through the use of her hands, she worked on each chakra individually, encouraging the flow of energy and removing any blockages. As a result, I experienced a heightened sense of alignment, improved emotional stability, and a greater connection with my inner self.

    The energy healing session alleviated physical discomforts such as tension and fatigue and helped me address emotional challenges, gaining a deeper understanding of myself. I noticed an increased sense of inner peace and improved mental clarity. Additionally, the effects of the session extended beyond the immediate experience, as I continue to feel the positive shifts in my energy and outlook even after the session concluded.

    Shawna’s skilled guidance allowed me to tap into the power of energy and experience the profound benefits it offers. I highly recommend energy healing to anyone seeking holistic well-being and a deeper connection with themselves.

  15. Shawna Wood Coleman, HTCP

    Avil Beckford recommends Shawna Wood Coleman (Review orig. left on FB page June 5, 2023)
    I’ve had a lot of energy healing work done in the past. And some were excellent practitioners. I received different types of energy healing. When Shawna worked on me, I could feel the movement of the energy around me.
    A few days after the energy work, I felt a sense of calm that differed from the calmness I feel after meditation. A week later, I gained clarity around things I didn’t even know were bothering me and hampering my progress.
    During our healing session, she worked on my knees, and now it doesn’t hurt as much going down the stairs.
    I recommend Shawna Wood Coleman!
    Avail Beckford, Toronto, Canada

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