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⚖️🪞The only way to fully Heal is to illuminate the Darkness, find what keeps triggering you, accept it, make peace with it, and learn not to let it trigger you anymore. When you overcome it once , the repetition loses its hold. 💗✨👑




This part of Spiritual Healing Has much to do with Daily Health and Self Care focus. This can range from diet to Daily maintenance of Self. Setting Daily Goals. Talking out issues so it can hit the air of spirit for guidance. And over all making sure your at your best for your life’s Journey. Sometimes you might have big decisions to make, and just need some outside point of views.

I am here because I care and Want to help you have a Fulfilling spiritual Journey. I myself know it’s not always happy and positive, there’s always a balance to maintain as we learn and grow everyday that we are awake and alive.

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