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Life is a journey that some of us find challenging.  We experience
different forms of trauma, personal loss and go on to question our life
choices and if we are on our true path.  Depression and stress becoming a
way of life, forcing us to develop coping mechanisms that we wish to
change.  Caroline has worked with many people to assist them in deep
healing, to help them find peace and let go of painful experiences and
toxic patterns and connections.



Guided Healing Meditation is a relaxing enjoyable way to heal at a
deeper subconscious level. While you go on a journey that we have
designed together, I will conduct your healing.

Your energetic health will be assessed and you healing will include the following:
* Aura fields cleansed
* Chakra cleanse and balance
* Grounding
* Releasing with love, any unnecessary connections
* Psychic imagery

While you are fully relaxed , words or pictures can come through via
psychic imagery. This will be explored after the healing, when we
discuss your overall energetic health results.

As an Energy Master Teacher, I have found this healing technique to
be a very powerful tool in deeper healing. Helping to identify and
release trauma from this life or previous lives. Gently clear toxic
patterns in your life.. Learn to embrace or let go of situations.
Positive affirmations can be used to help empower and strengthen or

If you prefer vibration healing or a sound bath healing instead of
guided meditation healing, I can accommodate this also. Please advise
when booking so I can arrange the necessary equipment.

At the end of the session, we will discuss how to maintain your
higher vibration and protect yourself and your energy from negative
influences. We can unpack your experience and any concerns.


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