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Each fortnight, Kerri brings to the table a new topic of interest or relevance where there’s teaching, sharing of ideas and lots of off topic conversation. Browse the topics below to download prior discussions. Downloads include written material and Video Content.

Basics Of Human Design Bundle Pack Parts 1, 2 & 3

What’s Included in the Basics of Human Design Bundle Pack? Our bundle includes all three parts of the Basics of Human Design Sessions, carefully crafted to guide you on your READ MORE

The Clair Senses

We are all born with the eight clair senses.  We have them to receive information from our non physical world.  Society has taught many people that we don’t need these READ MORE

Basics Of Human Design Part 2

During Part Two of these sessions, I will be explaining the ‘Not Self’ theme, the ‘Response’, the ‘Gates’, the ‘Channels’ and the ‘Incarnation Cross’. Download this discussion from Consciously Caffeinated! READ MORE

Basics of Human Design Part 3

Welcome to the next part of my Human Design sessions. During Part Three, we will be looking at theVariation arrows. This week, we are looking at the four arrows at READ MORE

The Basics of Human Design Part 1

Human Design was designed in 1987 by Ra Uru Hu (born Alan Robert Krakower) when he was given knowledge by an ancient man over eight consecutive days and nights. This READ MORE

Understanding Our Core Values

These are really important to understand as spirituality asks us all to accept both our human selves and our soul selves. In accepting the good and the bad, in embracing READ MORE

Why Past Lives Matter

Past lives are the lives that our soul has lived in a physical body. Mostly, they are of our human existence since we have been tricked into the karma loop, READ MORE

Manifesting Know How

Manifesting is a bit of a buzzword atm. With the way the collective world energy has turned deeper into a depressive state, people are looking for new ways to make READ MORE

Shadow Healing

Shadow Healing is something that we all have to do each lifetime whether we are aware or not. It’s the process of releasing trauma from childhood so that you can READ MORE

Our Soul Relationships

There is much confusion about the different soul relationships within the spiritual community. So many people think within a human mindset of emotions without understanding that the different soul relationships READ MORE

Our Human Existences and Energetic Boundaries

Every single soul who incarnates into a human body has two reasons for their existence. One of them is their everyday human self where they learn their life lessons based READ MORE

Energetic Goals and The Twelve Universal Laws

The Universal Laws have been pivotal in understanding how energy works in our lives. We aren’t taught to work with and understand energy, but energy is the universal currency. It’s READ MORE

Crystal Formations

A lot of people talk about crystal types and their energetic abilities, but it’s not a common thing to talk about their formations. You can tell a lot about what READ MORE