Monica – “Tapping for Releasing Stress and Anxiety” (in English or Spanish).


I am a certified Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner originally from Chile, but I have lived in the US since 2003.

My former career was as a scientist, so I was familiar with the concept of ENERGY. What I didn’t know is that when our energy is not balanced, our mental, emotional, and physical bodies suffer the consequences. EFT is a healing tool that helps you balance the energy in your body. The way EFT works is by tapping with your fingers on certain points of your face and upper body, while simultaneously repeating certain statements created specifically for the issue that you want to work on.

“Tapping” is a powerful healing tool that releases anxiety, stress, and a bunch of other negative emotions. It also helps you get rid of limiting beliefs, and it increases your self-worth, compassion, inner peace and overall happiness.



I have experience “tapping” with clients from all over the world, and I have helped people with a variety of issues, such as headaches, allergic reactions, digestive problems, anxiety, fear of heights, fear of driving, fear of visibility, lack of focus, lack of determination, procrastination, phobias, bothersome childhood memories, problems with body image, smoking, limiting beliefs about money, sleep problems, test anxiety, school anxiety (for kids) and so many more. By the way, tapping is an excellent tool to be used by kids and teens. I also use “tapping” to cultivate positive emotions that increase your vibration, allowing you to live with gratitude, confidence, courage, self-love, compassion, hope, and inner peace. 

We are all living this 3D world to be happy, to love and be loved, to be abundant, healthy, fulfilled and at peace. If these are also your goals in life, give “tapping” a chance.

This “tapping” session will be designed based on your goals and needs, and I will guide you to release the stress and anxiety while “tapping”. At the end of the session you will be feeling more relaxed (your cortisol levels will decrease) and you will have a different perception of the issue that brought you to tap with me, because while tapping you will rewire your brain. With only one “tapping” session you can experience small or big changes. Most of the time your subconscious mind will keep processing things days after the “tapping” session, and for this reason, I would like to follow up with you. I will contact you a couple of days after the session to see how you are doing. Sometimes the issue is a symptom of something with deep roots that needs to be worked in more than one session, and sometimes one session is good enough to release the heavy weight you are feeling. Every case is different, but you will for sure feel better after our “tapping” session.

DON’T WORRY if you have never done EFT before, I will teach you the basics and you will be able to tap on your own at the end or our first session.

This session can be in English or in Spanish.

I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness in your life.


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