Terés Salmi – Intuitive Coaching


Location: Sweden

Certified Advanced Angel Messenger™

Pranic Healer

Certified Psychological Coach with Cognitive Behavioural Approach

I am an empath with a very logical brain, nowadays I use them both to create magic.

It took me some years to get there, to let my spirituality and clairvoyance come out in the open.

I started my working career as an Engineer in Computer and electronics and the roles as recruitment manager, competence manager and group manager among other roles.

I have always been really interested in people, how they work and why. Both from a scientific perspective and a spiritual perspective. I always been able to feel others feelings and see things but pushed it away for many years.

When I found my calling, I wanted to learn more both the scientific approach and the spiritual approach and attended training programs in both. Just to be able to always learn more and to help more people light up and see that they are in charge of their lives and their choices. I have done over 1000 hours coaching and have been doing readings and healings for over 5 years. I try to live my life by the guidance and direction of the spiritual and use the logical to make it happen. What always amaze me is with every new person I meet I get to learn something new because we all have our struggles or life stories and we are all unique and wonderful in our different ways.

In a session with me, you get guidance/reading and coaching on how to act on the guidance to help create a real difference for you. I use cards and my clairvoyance and clairsentience to receive the guidance for you. I will meet you where you are and give you the insight and tools you need. Then it’s up to you to make it happen.

Looking forward to meet you and support you to a life where you can be true and fully be you, with all that you are.

With love and light

Terés Salmi




Spiritual guidance, I deliver guidance/insights for you by using Oracle and/or Angel cards together with my Clairvoyance and Clairsentients capability.

Then I use my psychological coaching skills to help you with methods and tools that suites you.


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