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Where Consciousness, Connections and Community come together.

Our Spiritual Services Portal provides a space for experienced, empathetic and gifted Spiritual Readers and Healers. They are excited to assist you on your journey of self discovery and self-healing via distance online appointments.

You can be assured of a quality service – we believe in professionalism, authenticity and empathy and our Readers and Healers are required to undergo a thorough and rigorous application process before they can offer their services! In fact, we know that our Consultants are of the highest calibre so we have a refund policy that backs it!

Consciously Caffeinating Now Online

Consciously Caffeinating online! This online group will have the exclusiveness of only twenty spaces. Bring your coffee or tea, a snack to eat and join Kerri for two hours of conversation on a particular topic.

Latest eBooks From David ‘Laughing Crow’ Campbell


  • Tower Card Moments

    Times in our life when we move through crisis, sudden change, liberation, upheaval, chaos, the unexpected, release, loss, revelation, awakening, breakthrough and personal transformation in a big way.

  • The Energy of Change

    Transformation, growth and healing through the energy of change.

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