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Our Learning Portal gives you access to our online learning platform. With courses and workshops from experienced instructors and mentors on a wide variety of spiritual, metaphysical and self development topics, you are sure to find something to interest you!

You can be assured of a quality service – we believe in professionalism, authenticity and empathy and our Instructors are required to undergo a thorough and rigorous application process before they can offer their courses, workshops and services! In fact, we know our Instructors, Workshops and Courses are awesome, so we back it with our Refund Policy.

Too often we have heard that online courses and workshops don’t deliver the mentorship and follow up from the Instructor. You can be assured that all our workshops and courses include extensive mentoring from your instructor either via video chat or by messenger, email or forum. Workshops are short courses designed to provide extensive information in a short time period. Courses are longer in duration and have multiple topics.

Teaching is A Passion!

Do you have expertise in mysticism, spiritualism, metaphysics or healing?

Do you have a feeling you should be sharing this but don’t know how?

Have you created workshops or courses but haven’t found a place to share them?

Are you interested in creating an income from sharing your knowledge and wisdom?

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    Me: Hello God. God: Hello… Me: I’m falling apart. Can you put me back together? God: I’d rather not. Me: Why? God: Because you’re not a puzzle. Me: What about all the pieces of my life that fall READ MORE
  • The Simple Art Of Manifesting
    By Kerri Campbell Manifesting is something that is very easy to do but unfortunately with social conditioning, is the hardest thing to achieve. Rest assured that with some simple tips, it can easily be done with a successful READ MORE

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