The Simple Art Of Manifesting

By Kerri Campbell

Manifesting is something that is very easy to do but unfortunately with social conditioning, is the hardest thing to achieve. Rest assured that with some simple tips, it can easily be done with a successful outcome.

So what are our steps?

First step is to retrain your mind. Many people sit in negative thinking. It becomes an endless cycle of low self worth, reliving the past or believing that your future is bleak.

To combate these feelings, you need to read affirmations. Affirmations are statements that remind you of positive things such as self love, self worth and self respect. Having affirmations are a must when manifesting as you are basically retraining the mind.

Find the ones you want in google, write them on a piece of paper and stick it opposite your toilet or in your bathroom. Then read them whenever you are in there as many times as you like daily for a two week period, then occasionally after that.

The important thing to do is ‘feel’ that you are that person or be in the energy of that outcome that you want to achieve! Often I put my hand on my heart (literally), and feel that warm fuzzy feeling that love is. Then I use this energy when reading the affirmations.

Some people read affirmations onto voice recorders and play when they are doing things like gardening, housework or driving in the car. These works just as well! Remember, that it needs to be something that you can do every day and if it means it’s visual, audial, or kinaesthetic, it will work for you in its own special way.

Next is doing activities that support the outcome and again feeling them.

So for this part of manifesting, you need to let go of outcomes. So outcomes meaning timelines, exact events, precise requests as well as worry, depression, anxiety etc and trust that good things are coming your way. This is a very important part of manifesting as we have to let go of those things to bring in the positive life you deserve. What you think is what you attract, so by having that positive energy means that you an only attract it.

You also must stand in YOUR power! By putting your hand on your heart you are reconnecting to yourself and the power that is love. Many things that you want to manifest usually have a negative social story to it such as ‘there are no rental homes available atm’ or ‘I’m meant to be poor cause I’m a single mum’. These stories need to be forgotten as they are conditions that you are going against. They are also conditions that a leave you depressed or worried. So by putting your hand on your heart when you feel these things creeping in reminds you of your power and that love is the universal energy for every thing!

So back to the activities……

Depending on what your psychic ability is, you can do a variety of activities to keep you in the energy of already having it. Activities such as visualising through seeing yourself doing what your manifesting and feeling the joy and peace of living in that timeline is one that you an do in the shortest of moments. I’ve many a time dreamt it whilst sleeping or whilst doing mindfulness. Other people meditate to guide meditations on YouTube, others do vision boards that they look at daily, manifesting journals, decluttering, etc. The list is endless! Do it everyday and then when you are reminded.

Angel numbers are a great way to remind yourself to do this. Triple one (111) is a great number to manifest to when you see it as well as 888 which is the number of abundance. Seeing 222 is a number reminding you that the seeds of your thought have been planted.

Often we forget our manifesting practises over time as time lines are adjusting and things are happening behind the scenes. It’s ok to forget. We are human. There will be times when we ar given a nudge by the universe to keep on practicing. This usually means that there’s still more manifesting to do but your on the right track. Remember the universe has no timeline. So things can happen quickly whilst other things can take months to manifest. Either way, the universe has your back! Your just reminded to stay on track.

The more you manifest and see the outcomes come to you, the more you know how powerful you are. The mind is a very powerful tool and it often amazes me how powerful it is! From there on, you can manifest anything, even being cured of illnesses and disease.

Kerri Campbell

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