Ascension Symptoms

By Kerri Campbell

This is a chart of the Schumann Resonance (SR) a few days ago (February 16th 2021)! This is what people call the Earths heartbeat. The SR is the recording of the electromagnetic energy in the earths upper atmosphere-the isophere. I watch the SR every day for what’s happening in our atmosphere as a lot of cosmic energy and solar flares can influence the Earth’s electromagnetic energy. This particular reading is from a recording station located in Russia.

I watch to see what’s happening as the different frequencies affect our bodies in different ways (pic two is a small list of ascension symptoms but a lot more can be experienced). This is the charts I look at. They all correlate at the exact same time! The first chart is the SR with all its greens, blues and whites. The second chart is the frequency (which is usually around 7.86htz) and the third is the amplitude which I refer to as the volume as I hate technical terms!

If we look at the first chart, the blue colouring is the 3D energy, the green is the 4D energy and the white is the 5D energy. As you can see, the white (5D energy) comes almost daily, but around eclipses, it doesn’t. There is usually a pause for three days before and after an eclipse due to its powerful energies!

If you look at the bottom chart, it tells us how loud the SR was! The white line on that (third) chart is the mean line and that’s what I look at! It correlates with the exact same time as the top chart!

Now if you look at the second chart, you can see the frequency of the SR. You can see that mostly it hovers around it’s average frequency of 7.86htz, but near the start of that chart, there is a spike where it almost jumps to 9htz. This has nothing to do with the amplitude of the SR, this is purely a frequency spike.

When the volume is turned up, our bodies expand with the light 5D energy (like the balloon analogy in a previous post) and we get the ascension symptoms. This causes all sorts of pains, sensations and fatigue as our bodies aren’t used to it. Once our bodies are more used to the energies, we don’t feel it as much and we become lethargic on the days afterwards. This is from those high light energies blasting away our denser cells, so we can receive it better.

You will also see an increase of earthquakes, hurricanes/cyclones, floods and volcanic eruptions as the earth gets used to the raised volume of the SR as well!

So, I hope this explains why you are getting different ascension symptoms on some days and not others! It’s pretty constant atm, but make sure you rest during the day, have naps if u need to, drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruit and veg, do mindfulness activities and ground yourself by walking barefoot and connecting to the earth.

Kerri Campbell

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