What the h#ll is 3D and 5D?

We are frequently asked what is 3D and 5D. Understandably there is some confusion – they are pretty broad and seemingly undetermined concepts or labels. I would like to share with you an explanation that I hope will help you to grasp the bigger picture of these terms…

Think about a set mortal lifetime. Often, in this modern world, we are presented with the understanding that life is a race. A race to the top, a race to get educated, a race to achieve and so on. Our modern day experience of life is rushing from one thing to the next. We are also bombarded with media propoganda that reinforces this concept – the whole “life is short” concept.

If we take this concept of ‘life is a race’ to the next logical step, it means that the finishing line is death. That’s our boundary – we have to fit everything into this ‘life is short’ race to the finish.

Now, if we are continually accepting this programmed idea and our thoughts are limited to that, our bodies, chemical makeup of our brains, the frequency of our electrical engine our bodies are operating on will also respond at that level of limitation and a rush to ‘live’ life. Is it any wonder we have massive levels of stress related illness, cancers, self harm and suicide in our modern societies? Our population are literally taught that we need to race to the finish line – death. This is the 3D experience.

In addition to this perceived notion of ‘life is a race’ we are taught to view the world in a very causal and scientific way – cause and effect and the ability to measure, test and evaluate whether something is worthwhile. If it is provable scientifically and defendable logically then it is ok. Spiritual pursuits, self awareness and understanding frequently sit outside this worldview so have been undervalued.

Imagine for a moment, a piece of white paper. Draw a small box in one corner. Think of the border of that box as beliefs, education, societal norms of acceptability, religion, tradition and any other limiting mindset we have allowed as logical or acceptable. Now, say to yourself, I can only draw a picture of my life in that small square, that box in the corner. The lines around the box are the limits I have set myself. Some people draw slowly and are content to draw in that box but eventually they fill it up with jobs, marriage, kids, hobbies etc. Good for them, I’m happy they can find some contentment. Others may draw in that box very quickly, in a rush to finish the race, filling it up with stuff but feel restricted because they are ‘not allowed’ to draw outside that acceptable boundary. What happens to these people? Mental illness, depression, drug dependency, self harm, narcissism and the list goes on… This is Living in the 3D.

Now, imagine being able to ‘think outside the box’ taking an eraser and rubbing out the box, removing the limiting beliefs, norms, education traditions etc and allowing them to be optional. You can take onboard other viewpoints, beliefs, concepts and soulful experiences that normally wouldn’t be allowed past the box because they were not measurable or acceptable. Suddenly, instead of a very limited creative life space becomes much more expansive. And even better, we are not limited to just this piece of paper, this life, we can have other bits of paper, other lifetimes to draw on too. Suddenly, the ‘life is a race’ concept becomes null and void. Life or more correctly lives becomes a journey, an experience, a place to learn and discover and we can savour the moments rather than be in a rush to tick them off before the ‘finish line’ of death. This is Living in the 5D.

I have also often heard from people wanting to expand their spiritual knowledge the excuse of “I have so many responsibilities that I don’t have time to draw my life outside of the box”. Think of the word responsibility – let’s break it down to two words – response ability. To often we think of responsibility as simply limitations to being able to respond but in fact the words literally means we have the ABILITY of RESPONSE. Yes or No, Now or Later – when life is no longer a race, our ability of response is expanded. When we remove our perceived boundary or box of societal norms and expectations, our ability of response is expanded. Response Ability is Living in the 5D….

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