Making Peace with Conflict or On the matter of Conflict…

*Trigger Warning*

This discussion will necessarily involve some topics that can be hard for some to read, particularly if they are sitting in a 3d perspective. I would encourage you to view this from a perspective removed from your ego mind. This is a metaphysical observation, not a moral or ethical debate.

Conflict covers a huge range. It is war between nations. It is domestic violence. It is rape. It is bickering between siblings or school mates. It is competition between business. It is nature itself – eat or be eaten, trees competing for sunlight in a jungle. It is cells in our bodies competing for their place and function.

Seperation or conflict is a part of the Universal Process. But so is Unification. It is a balancing act between the two that is reality and creation.

Let me explain… Go back to the very start. If everything began with the Big Bang, Unity was violently seperated into parts. Matter created and thrown outwards. Seperated by space and time. Gradually, matter combined AND seperated to form more and more complex unique individual forms. This is duality and non-duality happening continuously.

These unique forms take up their own space because they are formed of matter. When coming in contact with other unique forms vying for that space either conflict or unity or both occured to expand and change forms and create more complexity.

Now it would be easy to think that this process is a gradual reunification back to unity. But that would be a simplification. Because each of these forms is also made up of unique forms or components also. And these components are also competing for their space.

Confused yet? Think of the human body. It is a very complex form made up of organs working together as a whole to make a human form, however simultaneously they are competing with each other for the nutrients we feed them. They are both seperation of organs and unity of the whole body.

Let’s expand this out now to conflict at a societal or relationship level. Consider war. One nation (nation A) attacks another nation (Nation B) because it believes by taking over Nation B it will become stronger or more effective. Meanwhile, Nation B is vying for it’s position to stay seperated and unique from Nation A. Overlaying this is the reality that both Nation A and B are part of a greater form called humanity. They are simultaneously both seperation and unity of the whole.

Confusing as all this may be, it can be summarised as follows:. Conflict is a MOVEMENT towards or away from unity dependent on perspective. This MOVEMENT is creation either by unification or seperation. If there was no CONFLICT, there would be no MOVEMENT and therefore no CREATION. It would be static nothingness or total original unity like before the big bang. This is true peace but no creativity.

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