I usually use Zoom and I do not know how to use Google Meet. Is Zoom ok?

The simple answer is no.  The booking system and Zoom do not allow individual Zoom accounts (unlike Google Meet) and this poses a security risk for the client and yourself as you would not be using your own Zoom Account.  As many of our consultants would also be running from free video conferencing accounts, Google Meet has longer duration (1 hour before having to reset the meeting) than Zoom (40 minutes). You can upgrade a Google Meet Account for longer duration and other services.
However,  the booking system makes it easy to use Google Meet.  When an appointment is made, an email is sent to both you and your client with a direct link to the meeting.  At the appointment time, all you need to do is click “Join” when you are taken to the meeting screen (as you are the meeting holder, you may be asked to login to Google if you aren’t already logged in).
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