Life lessons!

Written By Kerri Campbell

We all have life lessons! Do not believe anyone who has said that they don’t have any life lessons or have healed from them as they are in denial! We all have life lessons! That’s why we have reincarnated on this earth-to learn! There are so many lessons to be learnt but there are usually a few big ones that are our main focus and then smaller ones that are interconnected. Very painful to deal with but once it’s figured out, it makes the navigation of the tests (to do with this lesson) easier.

So how do we know what our soul lessons are? There’s a few ways of knowing. It can be looking at the emotionally painful parts of our current life. It’s looking into betrayal, domestic violence, illnesses, addictions, financial ruin, divorces etc, but also looking within ourselves and our emotions we’ve felt during those times. Looking at patterns of behaviour between us and the people in our lives. Looking beyond the image and looking deeper within the pattern.

It’s looking into your past lives! Those patterns that we need to resolve in this life are seen in our past lives! Past lives can be recalled in many ways! The most common way is to have a regression. Regressions can be done in many ways through psychics who can guide you in meditative states or through hypnotists that specialise in past life regressions. Regressions can be done informally through dreams or even in emotional states where u experience the regression (in my case, it was through a trigger healing and I had to relive the past life). It can come along when meeting other people with close soul bonds such as soul mates and especially twin flames! Past lives only come up when the timing is right in your life to learn and they will only come up if they have a connection with lessons that your currently experiencing!

Being aware of what your life lesson is, is the key to learning about yourself and why you are here! Well before we are born, we look at our soul agreement. We look at what lesson we need to learn, the souls in which will deliver the karmic relationships with, the other souls that will enter our lives and support us in soul mate and/or twin flame relationships, our family, their karmic lessons, our illnesses, our body, when we are reincarnating, our gender, the timing of everything (from a severe car accident to a minor event)! Everything is planned with many paths to go on if we lose track! We then reincarnate and in the process, forget everything about our past lives, contracts etc and start walking the path of life learning what we see and how it makes us feel, not thinking of anything else. It’s like we are blind! Then we start to wake up that the world is not what it seems! That’s when we go looking into finding ourselves because we cannot stand the pain of the traumas any more!

Finding what your life lesson is can be tricky. They usually present themselves when your emotionally triggered! It’s getting down to the negative emotions! The feeling it and then realising it from which event it has come from. It’s writing it down on paper to get a visual. It’s mapping yourself through it to find the pattern. It’s asking questions and listening to your guides through it all!

It’s looking beyond the illusion of life and looking at the simple things that have made such a huge impact on our inner psych. It’s connecting the dots in not only in our current life but our previous ones! It’s like we are on one continual loop of lives that have the same core lesson but different ways of achieving the lesson. If we lose sight of the lesson, we do it again the next life time until we get it! Then we start healing another lesson that we are currently experiencing until we get that one! All this knowledge gained gives us our wisdom! That what makes us the knowledgeable old souls! We have the guts, (the courage) to do these lessons through various life times, experience life with so many scenarios and learn from it all!

Whilst working on and healing from our life lessons, we find out that we are far different to the people and situations in our 3D world. We get sick of being sad, not knowing who we are and we start looking for happiness! We start looking for ways to make us happy from within! We learn that the answers to our self worth, self respect, self love was never from anything outside of ourselves. They were all hiding within us all along!

Our life lesson is the thing that holds us back from our purpose in life. It’s like a disguise. The lesson disguises what we are doing in order to help society grow and change. Our lesson stops us from doing our soul purpose if we don’t discover it! I have seen many people awaken to their purpose after discovering their lessons of self worth, self betrayal, self love and self respect! To go against what they have been conditioned with, to follow their intuition is what our lessons are all about! It’s overcoming the 3D labels, to become something that’s hidden within in the 5D. To be our true selves!

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