Lara Green

Spiritual Healer

Location: Australia

Lara has been actively walking the path of assisting people in their healing journey for over 8 years. Though her roots in the healing modalities run deep from childhood and from knowledge passed down through family practices. She is experienced in both the worlds of Western and Eastern energetics and philosophy.

When Lara first started as a professional massage therapist and body worker, she quickly noticed the ability to read stories from the body. Now she continues to explore further the ability to assist the body to facilitate healing from both guided and educational sources. Along the journey of developing her practice, Lara, has become accustomed to providing distance healings, and hopes she can be at service to those she can help or call for it.

-Remedial Massage Therapy

-Chakra Puncture

-Western Herbal Medicine


-Certified Hypnotist & Master Hypnotist

-Certified Self Hypnosis Teacher

-Life Coach

-Level II Reiki Practitioner

-Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

-Flower Essences Practitioner

And past study in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine and Kinesiology (Muscle Testing).

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