Jody Umans

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: United States

After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a background in Marketing and Fashion, and getting a job as a buyer, I truly believed my purpose in life was to develop an end product that would make someone feel beautiful.   From clothing and accessories, to bedding ensembles, I  participated in creating products that were in alignment with this vision.  Many years later, I added sharing luxurious skincare, makeup  and nutrition to my “bag of tricks” in my quest to help women attain beauty.   Albeit, the common factor was the offering of a tangible  product, I knew in my gut there was more needed to creating an awesome self.  

As my journey continued to unfold through some pretty major life  obstacles, a lesson kept showing up:  Beauty lives on the inside just as much as it does on the outside.  My awareness soared to realize only when you develop a healthy balance between the two can your inner goddess truly shine through in conjunction with your outer goddess. We live in a society where everyone is programmed to go, go, go, and so many forget or don’t permit themselves to spend time connecting within, in stillness, to the truth of their authenticity.  I knew I had to share this wisdom with so many others to honor themselves in a physical, mental, emotional AND most importantly, spiritual way.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and I have been providing spiritual counseling through angel card readings and Reiki, as well as offering classes on how to read angel cards, numerology, Attuning Reiki students to Reiki 1, 2 and Master Practitioner. I am also certified in Yoga Nidra. I offer what is called a Soul healing which provides a half hour of reiki healing and a half hour of spiritual guidance through the angel/oracle cards.

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