Gina Lloyd

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: Australia

I am a heart centered  healer  for over 3 years  and reader for over 10 years

I combine/infue and embody  all of my tools as Kinesioligist, Akashic reader & cleanser, spiral practitioner,   Intuitive Psychic reader, empath and   Evolution Kinesiology  Life Coach.  

I work with a team of multi dimensional Celestials, Galactics, Star Kingdom, The ancients,  Angelic and spiritual realms.  Our mission is to bring harmony into your heart and soul , shifting your perception of life and bringing clarity and calmness to your mind body and spirit. we are

Kinesiology is a combination and infusion of Chiropractic, chinese and indian modailties  and my own tools and gifts.  We speak to your subconscious and higher self through muscle monitoring, to uplift and put you back into homeostasis.  

I love to remove Negative energy frequencies, decord you from others and being and bring you back into your own Auric field and sovereignty

I am here to assist you to turn your light on, shine it brighter and hold space for you. 

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