Our Human Existences and Energetic Boundaries

Every single soul who incarnates into a human body has two reasons for their existence. One of them is their everyday human self where they learn their life lessons based on the three core values of self love, self worth and self respect. The other part of our existence is our purpose.Both of our existences READ MORE

Energetic Goals and The Twelve Universal Laws

The Universal Laws have been pivotal in understanding how energy works in our lives. We arenโ€™t taught to work with and understand energy, but energy is the universal currency. It’s how things flow or conversely don’t flow!The Universal Laws are not exactly laws but are simple guidance and observations that have been passed down through READ MORE

Crystal Formations

A lot of people talk about crystal types and their energetic abilities, but itโ€™s not a common thing to talk about their formations. You can tell a lot about what people’s soul purpose is by the type of crystal formations they keep. Many people carry tumblers for their own personal energy as they have areas READ MORE