Caroline Brown

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: Australia

Life is a journey that some of us find challenging.  We experience different forms of trauma, personal loss and go on to question our life choices and if we are on our true path.  Depression and stress becoming a way of life, forcing us to develop coping mechanisms that we wish to change.  Caroline has worked with many people to assist them in deep healing, to help them find peace and let go of painful experiences and toxic patterns and connections.  Assisting them to awaken to their own divine power within.  Tapping into their past life experiences, that may be impacting their current life.  Through guided healing and psychic imagery, Caroline can assist in opening doors to your subconscious to gain insight into what is holding you back, where healing is needed and how you can stop it from continuing.  Helping you to take back control of your well being and reclaim your personal power.

With experience in distance and face to face healing, Caroline can assist you to not only heal, but learn techniques to relax and live in the moment.  Learn to protect your personal space and stop the impact of negative energy and psychic attacks. Let go of past trauma.  Reach a higher vibration to enable you to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels through guided healing meditation.  

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