Bea Devi

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: United States

My name is Bea and I am a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer.  I teach about the Goddess Energy.  The Goddess represents the feminine intuitive side within every man and woman that allows for our magical side to express itself.  This includes learning telepathy, trusting the inner voice for guidance, direct downloading from universal mind for information and knowledge and co-creating with the divine for your highest good and the highest good of the planet.

My mission is to teach about true magic and manifestation, to teach others how spirit guides work, to communicate with spirit for guidance and to enlighten the minds of those I touch by showing them that spirit is always aware of every breath, thought and deed of each and every one of us.

Media literally means, “Mother Goddess” and “The Web” is also an ancient name of the Goddess as she is the weaver of the web of life of which we are all connected.

The means through which my spirit guides work is within the Media which has the potential to be an amazing tool for healing and spiritual evolution.  For this reason, I read many writers, actors, musicians, healers, performing and creative artists of all kinds who are here to tell new stories and create new paradigms of expression with an emphasis and unity and healing the Earth to awaken us all to a higher level of being human! 

My spiritual guides have been telling me for 30 years that “It is the women and the children who are going to heal the planet and the men who support that vision!”  As of 2018 we can clearly see that happening and it’s a beautiful thing.

The time has come to awaken the “Sleeping Beauty . . . The Goddess Within.”

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