Sara Hopman

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: United States

Hi, I’m Sara!

Akashic Records Practitioner, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor.

 I had my first spiritual awakening 8 years ago when one of my best friends passed away and I experienced her ‘light body’ floating above me while I lay in bed that night. This phenomenon opened me up to the spirit world, where I started to access information from ‘beyond the veil’. 

Through this process my intuitive & psychic senses came back ‘online’ as well as my innate healing abilities. This allowed me to not only bring healing to my own life, but to share my gifts to uplift others. 

Having been through my own loss, trauma, depression, and many dark days, I’m humbled to help others access deep healing, empowering insights, and consciousness expanding awarenesses by connecting to the wisdom of their Soul and coming home to their true divine nature.

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