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The Akashic Records are like a memory bank. They hold the records of your soul’s journey — in this lifetime and all others. The ultimate purpose of an Akashic Records reading is to tap into to the wisdom of your soul, which holds a birds eye view, or a ‘higher perspective’, of your life.  A reading is both incredibly EMPOWERING and deeply HEALING. 

Every session is different for every person, however the following experiences are quite common:

* Receiving practical insights in areas such as relationships, career, and life purpose
* Identifying limiting patterns (and how to clear them)
* Getting an energetic pulse on where you are now, where you’re potentially headed (based on where YOU desire to go), and how to align with your highest path
* Exploring relevant past lives and connections to other star systems
* Becoming aware of your Spirit Guides
* Uncovering your Soul’s gifts and (re)attuning to your true essence




An Akashic Records reading can:

* Reveal profound insights, wisdom, and clarity
* Help you release blocks and heal wounds
* Catalyze a deeper sense of peace and trust in your process
* Affirm your inner knowing and boost self-trust
* Expand your consciousness and open new pathways of possibility

How does an Akashic Records Reading work?
Typically the first part of our session consists of a “download” of channeled information from your Records based on what is most relevant and supportive at this moment of your journey.

In the second part of our session we dive into your questions. Since the Akashic Records are so vast, it’s best to have some questions to explore in order to receive the most out of a reading. There are no right or wrong questions. This is a safe space to explore without judgment. You can ask anything you desire whether it’s related to relationships, finances, big decisions, challenges, past lives, spirit guides, and more. Typically in a 60-min session we can get through up to 7 questions depending on how in-depth the answers are.

An Akashic Record Reading is not fortune-telling. However, sometimes it’s relevant for a future prediction to be revealed in a reading. All future predictions (aka paths of probability) stem from your current vibrational frequency, plus the collective vibrational frequency, and are always subject to change.

A reading is intended to empower you to be able to make decisions that best serve you. This means recognizing that you are an active participant in the creation of your reality through your free will. In other words, what happens in the future is dependent on YOU and your current behaviors, attitudes, thoughts, choices, and energy.

On the day of your reading, here are some steps that will help you to create the best possible experience for yourself:

* Grab a pen and paper or a journal if you would like to take notes. If you prefer to just listen, rest assured knowing that your reading will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.
* Make sure you are in a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed, and spend a few moments in stillness before getting on the call.
* Set the intention to release expectations so you can open your heart to receive what’s presently available for your highest good.
* Relax, enjoy and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the beautiful connection.

After your reading:

* Make time afterwards to integrate, rest, and relax.
* Drink lots of water over the next few days to help move the energy through you.


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