Lara Green – Distance Energy Healing and Balancing


Location: Australia

Lara has been actively walking the path of assisting people in their
healing journey for over 8 years. Though her roots in the healing
modalities run deep from childhood and from knowledge passed down
through family practices. She is experienced in both the worlds of
Western and Eastern energetics and philosophy.



A distance healing service where you will energetically connected to Lara as she uses clairsentience and claircognizance. Through this connection, Lara can feel any tension or discomfort and story that is being carried by the physical body.

The physical body, is seen as the messenger of the subconscious mind and energetic body. these two bodies calls out to any disharmonies or imbalances we may be experiencing in life. Lara then asks or call upon higher guidance in the next steps to help either assist, transmute and/or transform this discomfort. This can be done via a variety of tools, such as crystal healing, reiki, flower essence therapy, sound healing, oracle/card readings, life coaching and even a little hypnosis or herbal recommendations.

Lara see’s healing as a self imposed journey; “As a practitioner, I am here to facilitate space, opportunity and guidance to this journey. Bringing back flow and embracing life that little bit more.”

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