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Location: United States

If I could help the world with one thing, it’s in relating with yourself with kindness and love so you can treat one another in a way that is deeply honoring. My sacred service is in guiding you to the kind of embodied relationships you long for.




Are you feeling stuck or out of whack? Are you feeling a lot of emotions and need help sorting them out? Are you feeling inundated with a lot of other people’s energy?

A healing can help you clear energy that is either not yours or not in present time. It’s amazing how much energy you’re carrying around that is not even yours. Your system is designed to process YOUR energy, so it can get clogged when other people’s energy get in. Releasing everything that is not yours will immediately open up your system so you can organically process your own.

I pick up on colors, feelings, hooks, cords and programming in your space and, with your permission, clear them out. Once your system is clear, I’ll begin asking you questions to help you get clear on how you would like to fill up your space. It’s always good to fill up with stuff that you WANT in your space!

Any time you put your attention and awareness on something, the energy begins to move. This movements gives you the ability to access greater awareness, release what’s no longer serving you, and create space to have more of what you would like.


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