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If I could help the world with one thing, it’s in relating with yourself with kindness and love so you can treat one another in a way that is deeply honoring. My sacred service is in guiding you to the kind of embodied relationships you long for.




A reading empowers you to move forward with your own certainty and knowingness.

I pick up on colors, feelings, images and symbols that are metaphors for what is happening in your life. In describing them to you, clarity and understanding about patterns and energies that are impacting you begin to emerge.

Any time you put your attention and awareness on something, the energy begins to move. This movements gives you the ability to access greater awareness, release what’s no longer serving you, and create space to have more of what you would like.

Readings can be helpful in many ways. Here are a few examples to see the possibilities:

If you are feeling overwhelmed, fearful and stuck

Working with emotions

If you’re struggling to connect to your own voice or intuition

Healing trauma

If you have trouble receiving

If a pattern keeps repeating and you don’t know how to transform it

Integrating disowned parts of yourself

Learning to identify and work with the triggers that make living in today’s world so challenging

Obstacles in Love


Not sure what to ask for in your reading? I’ve heard a wide range of questions over the past twenty years. Here are a few to consider:

What do I need to do to become a vibrational match for an amazing relationship?

What am I missing that my guides really want me to know?

Why do I keep creating the same relationship patterns?

Should I stay in this relationship or leave?

What’s really going on in this relationship?

What makes it so hard for me to have boundaries?

What causes me to abandon myself?

How can I heal?

Most people share that after a reading they feel validated, clearer, connected, relief, empowered, or lighter. Over time, the results from readings can include:

Setting healthy boundaries

Establishing healthy practices

Attracting healthy relationships

Letting go of relationships that no longer work

Developing your intuition and trusting what you know

Embarking on new healing paths

Finding and standing in your power

Making new agreements

Learning and practicing discernment

Learning about frequency and the benefits of holding a high vibration

Creating coherence


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