Gina Lloyd – Intuitive Spiritual Reading


Location: Australia

I am a heart centered  healer  for over 3 years  and reader for over 10 years

I combine/infuse and embody  all of my tools as Kinesioligist, Akashic
reader & cleanser, spiral practitioner,   Intuitive Psychic reader,
empath and  Evolution Kinesiology  Life Coach.  

I work with a team of multi dimensional Celestials, Galactics, Star
Kingdom, The ancients,  Angelic and spiritual realms.  Our mission is to
bring harmony into your heart and soul , shifting your perception of
life and bringing clarity and calmness to your mind body and spirit that we




In this reading we will connect to your higher self, discuss past or present issues that require healing, for your evolution to your future and highest timeline.
Depending what comes through the channel, it could be from all different realms Channeling will give you the opportunity to ask questions.
And then evolution tools will be given to help you achieve the best outcome for your highest self and potential.


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