Layla Sainsbury – Focussed Spiritual Guidance around life issues or illness


Location: Australia

Layla has always had a fascination with the deeper questions about
life.  Since a young girl she knew she saw the world differently and was
a gifted singer and musician from a young age, becoming proficient at
many instruments easily and going on to have a professional music career
that spanned over 20 years, performing professionally full-time in many
countries all over the world.  So she’s never really lived a life that
many would consider ‘normal’.

She now dedicates her time to others as her role as ‘Yoboku’, guiding
others to enhance their spiritual awareness and growth and offering the
knowledge she has learned to see us all headed towards a ‘Joyous life’
(Yokigarashi) and New World.




In your time with Layla, she will ask you if you have come to ask spiritual insight into a specific topic that is occurring/reoccurring in your life, blockage or about a physical illness/issue.

If this is the case, you will be listened to deeply and Layla will be intuitively assessing the situation, asking guided questions to get to the ‘Root’ of the issues as to where the blockage maybe happening on a deeper level. THIS READING CAN BE QUITE PERSONAL and needs to be approached with ego placed aside as it can be quite specific and in some cases may be intimate or even confronting. But in order to get to a true solution, or ‘root’ of the issue, this is always considered as
LOVING guidance for your higher good and done with utmost respect and love at it’s core.

Layla studied in Japan in 2006 and has been practicing this technique of healing for 17 years. Your session may involve a specific healing ritual (Osazuke) which takes around 5 minutes as part of the session… if it can not be done in person it can be performed at distance as well (online). Very specific spiritual and practical guidance will also be given for you moving forward around things to practice daily as to see progress in the area you seek.

Further more, Layla will explain more to you about the Providences or Sacred energies of the planet that she has studied and bases her guidance from. There are 8 Sacred Energies of the planet that flow through Nature’s body every day to sustain life on Earth. These exact same energies also sustain the human body, so when nature is in harmony and balanced it is the same as a life that flows freely and a body that sustains its systems of balance perfectly, thanks to the Life Force flowing through our bodies and the Planet.

A more specific example of this would be the principle of Skin on the human body is also connected to the ‘Joining’ Principle as it manifests in the world, outside the body. The Joining principle in the body manifests as the joints (elbow, knee etc). When the skin is irritated and ‘splits’ on a regular basis, it is not in it’s natural state which could indicate issues that need to be resolved around the healing of
relationships and being ‘irritated’ in this area. The skin within itself, naturally has the principle of rejoining once it is cut. This is a miraculous providence of the Divine. Without it, every cut sustained over a life-time would see the precious vehicle of the body in jeopardy. We need wounds to heal. It is also a ‘feminine’ principle as women are often the natural ‘joiners’ in the relationships between
family members and the family to the outside world. Money also falls under this principle in the world perspective as it is used as the ‘joiner’ for us to use the services of the world.

This is just an example of the insight into one physical condition or life issues that can be diagnosed and give clues to areas as to which principle of nature within the body needs to be ‘unblocked’ and methods of spiritual counselling around how to do just that, living life more fully and Joyously by increasing our spiritual growth. Illness or troubles are seen more as the loving guidance the Universe gives us to give us instructions as to how we are blocking our own spiritual growth. It is taught that all illness has its root in the Mind/Heart. It is merely just a reflection of what needs to he healed in the Mind. Once that is done, it manifests as a healing in our life or in our body. This is a natural course of events. Healing is a natural state of the body.

If any that you have read here resonates with you and you would like to know more, please feel free to book a session with Layla and explore this medium further.


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