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My name is Bea and I am a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer.  I teach about the Goddess Energy.  The Goddess represents the feminine intuitive side within every man and woman that allows for our magical side to express itself.  This includes learning telepathy, trusting the inner voice for guidance, direct downloading from universal mind for information and knowledge and co-creating with the divine for your highest good and the highest good of the planet.




Location: United States

Vedic Astrology is a truly amazing system of Astrology from India.From the very beginning of discovering my life purpose of helping others find their life purpose, this is my primary tool of knowledge and divination.

I have always said that “I feel as though the planets are speaking to me when I look at a chart. They tell me how a person is using or misusing the energies associated
with each planet.

I was pleased when I read in a magazine article on Vedic Astrology years ago, that the ancient rishis who developed this system of Astrology thousands of years ago said the very best Astrologers feel as though the planets are speaking to them.
In Vedic Astrology, the emphasis is on your Karma or Life Lessons and your Dharma or Life Purpose. The two are connected.

I have been reading for 32 years and I am always amazed at the accuracy of this
system of Astrology. You came to this Earth with a plan which is your”Destiny”
but you can change your plan which is your “Free Will.”

Please read the following for a basic understanding of the difference between
Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. In Vedic Astrology the signs change on
the 15th of each month. Leo is August 15th to September 15th and so on. Then you have “Dasha Periods” which are dated Planetary Periods which last for 120 years. As these dates change they activate different houses and that is how I see what is going on past, present and future.

You came here with a plan but you have the free will to change it as well. Each Planet rules two signs except for the Sun and the Moon which rule one. The Sun rules Leo and the Moon rules Cancer and each Planet has a sign of exaltation where it is at it’s most powerful and each planet hasa sign of debilitation where it is at it’s weakest.


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