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My name is Bea and I am a Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Healer.  I teach about the Goddess Energy.  The Goddess represents the feminine intuitive side within every man and woman that allows for our magical side to express itself.  This includes learning telepathy, trusting the inner voice for guidance, direct downloading from universal mind for information and knowledge and co-creating with the divine for your highest good and the highest good of the planet.




Location: United States

When you meditate with the Mother Goddess, she gives you visions and when you interpret the symbols you are given a beautiful message. I have guided thousands of people on the same journey and no one ever sees the same thing. It is truly astounding what comes through and this is my absolute favorite service that I offer. It proves to me over and over that we all have ancient wisdom we can download from our higher selves that gives us healing, knowledge and a sense of our divine nature.

We always start with a question. The first journey I take people on we ask, “Dear Mother Father God, can you please show your Divine Child that which they need to heal, so they can open their heart and mind to creating greater opportunities for love prosperity and abundance..”

Now, I do not tell you what to see. I will just prompt you to see something, “You’re outside somewhere, just allow the image to form of where you are and trust what you see.” Your soul knows exactly what I am doing and you are not thinking . . .but
receiving and this is the divine feminine. Ask and you shall receive.”

I hold the space and write it down as you describe it to me. When we finish, I read it back to you, interpret the symbols and there’s the answer to your question. It is very healing and teaches you how to connect with Spirit directly. Your spirit guides will appear and also your loved ones that have crossed over.

This is how you meditate with the Goddess.

I look forward to helping you shine. Bea


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