Layla Sainsbury

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Layla has always had a fascination with the deeper questions about life.  Since a young girl she knew she saw the world differently and was a gifted singer and musician from a young age, becoming proficient at many instruments easily and going on to have a professional music career that spanned over 20 years, performing professionally full-time in many countries all over the world.  So she’s never really lived a life that many would consider ‘normal’.

Her interest in metaphysical and healing also blossomed early and led her down many paths of interest; Buddhism, Taoism, A Course in Miracles, Unity of America and 12 Step-based work in her own life.  But when she began to study the Japanese martial art of Aikido in 2005, she met her Sensei who led her to a lesser-know form of healing practice that she would later go to Japan to study more in depth.  In 2006 after studying and living in the Sanctuaries in Japan, she was ordained there to become Yoboku (translation: a useful timber to be used in the construction of the new Joyous world/New world) and could then perform a particular form of healing prayer (Osazuke) that can be administered to those will illness or other life issues.  She continues to use this healing tool as well as giving specific guidance alongside it to facilitate the ‘healing’, removing the energetic ‘blockage’ or re-balancing in the Mind/Heart by considering the specific situation at hand and giving concrete instruction to consider and methods of guidance to see it’s resolution.  

Alongside this, Layla also completed a Masters in Aromatherapy, majoring in Aged Care issues and Hormone care, studying all the systems of the body and how Aromatherapy can be clinically applied to heal all sorts of physical conditions such as Eczema and on-going skin issues, insomnia, allergies and pain management to name a few. Her blends are made individually for each person from scratch for their needs, considering all contraindications to existing medications.  This is a side-focus of the online service she offers here on this platform and only suggested if needed or could facilitate a physical healing. 

She now dedicates her time to others as her role as ‘Yoboku’, guiding others to enhance their spiritual awareness and growth and offering the knowledge she has learned to see us all headed towards a ‘Joyous life’ (Yokigarashi) and New World.

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