Jenny St. Claire

Spiritual Reader & Healer

Location: United States

If I could help the world with one thing, it’s in relating with yourself with kindness and love so you can treat one another in a way that is deeply honoring. My sacred service is in guiding you to the kind of embodied relationships you long for. 

In my early years, I was able to see beings and my dad helped me tune into feeling energy. Later when I was in grief counseling after my dad’s death, I said, “I think I’m missing something. I think it’s the psychic part of me.” I thought my counselor was going to tell me I was crazy, but instead she said, “Well, Jenny, this is Boulder!” She opened the Yellow Pages to “Psychic” and found two psychic schools. I called both and only one answered the phone.

I spent many years learning how to fine tune my psychic skills. The first year, I learned how to do clairvoyant readings and energy healings. The second year I did advanced psychic studies, the teacher in training program and the minister’s program. I taught at my psychic school for four years, took a break to have my son, and then spent another year learning hands on healing. Another four years of trans medium training helped me learn how to do out of body readings and healings.

Ever a constant student, I wanted to learn more ways to help people. It took seven years to learn to become a mental health counselor, and an additional two to learn equine assisted psychotherapy (I work with horses as co-coaches to help people). There are so many ways to heal!

Within this Living 5D in a 3D world, I’ll be offering long distance psychic readings and energy healings. My style blends all of my various training and is filled with compassion. My strongest desire is to help you arrive at a place where you can be kind to yourself, find inspiration and feel empowered!

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