The article writing system….can old articles that I may have used in one of my old monthly newsletters work? Or do they have to be fresh? Are articles required? Do they become property of your group?

The article writing system is an optional extra we provide – however we do encourage you to make use of it as it will allow us to link to your services, both within our website and if they are reposted to our Facebook page.  When they are posted on our website, they are posted under your account name, however when they are posted onto our Facebook page, they will be posted under our admin account with reference to you as the writer. All the articles remain your intellectual property and can be removed at your request at any time.  All articles, however, will be vetted by us before being posted.
Any articles, even older articles are fine – as long as they tie in with our ethos and subject matter i.e Spiritual Development.

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